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About Us

I’m not an advocate for gambling. In fact gambling hasn’t been a hobby of mine ever. I’ve had some bets over the years. I’ve lost large amounts believing I’d cracked a system that no one else had discovered before. I’d won amounts on things that the betting companies had got terribly wrong in terms of their pricing. Ultimately though gambling doesn’t bring me joy. In fact when reflecting it has actually taken away my love of sport at times (especially football).

Working in offices at World Cups suppressing my emotions for my team’s (Tottenham and England) when they score or win wasn’t why I’d signed up to the gambling industry.


Why did I ? I was working a lot of different jobs from a Roofer, in factories, removal man, painter and decorator. What I liked about gambling was the types of people I met through it. People whom we wouldn’t come across in many other industries. From royalty, to sports stars, actors, politicians, mafia hitmen, you can really meet and get to know a myriad of people from literally every walk of life.


I’ve seen people try to numb their trauma’s, stress and pain by gambling. I’ve seen people lose their families, their businesses, their houses, their possessions.

I often ask myself what is the upside of gambling?

The conclusion I came to was that unless you are one of the few that has the discipline and focus to make gambling pay (which if you are most companies will make it extremely difficult to bet and or withdraw your winnings) gambling has no other use other than a coping mechanism very much like porn, drugs, alcohol, mobile phones … the list goes on.


In terms of this website I say I have a lot of knowledge on the gambling industry with an understanding of what it is and what it is doing to people.


The industry can pressure you and do the bare minimum in terms of responsible gambling to appease regulators. It can give you false hope in terms of winning and false information to get you to continue to gamble.

With the Bettor Concierge I want to ensure your eyes are totally open about my beliefs based on years of the gambling industry.

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